Dating at 4:00 a.m.

Is it possible to meet a man at 4 a.m.? Well, why not?! I found out I have a new balcony neighbor by accident.

I woke up very early: it was around 4:00. I put a kettle on the stove and went to hang my underwear on the balcony. By then, the washing machine had washed everything for two hours.

I’m hanging the laundry like someone on my right spoke in a low voice: “Good morning!” I almost dropped my bra suddenly. I said hello back. While I was hanging my underwear, we talked. He was standing on his balcony drinking coffee. I was drooling over the sweet smell of coffee. I hung up my underwear and went out and made myself a cup, too.

So we stood there and talked for about 15 minutes. The cold gave us the creeps. He invited me to coffee and balcony parties tonight. We exchanged phones. The man’s gone. I saw him start the car and go to work. Before he said goodbye, it was like a boy waving to me. I smiled and waved back.

In the evening, we continued our “coffee party.”

But in the evening it wasn’t like that: too many people were stuck on the balcony. Self-isolation…

We continued our communication through messenger.

On Friday, we had coffee together in my kitchen. Not only are we both real coffee people, but he also likes to watch cartoons. I admit I love them, too.

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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