Difficult task for a programmer: searching for the right girl

I’m 26. I work as a programmer. I was involved in a variety of activities: finishing off game engines, web programming, application programming. I have my repositories on Github.

Now I’m not even looking for clients. They find me themselves. I make very good money.

But for some reason, my relatives think I’m some kind of electrician. The printer broke down – you have to come to me and distract me. Or you have to reinstall the operating system, they’re coming at me again. I used to help you, but now I’ve stopped. It’s easier for me to give them a hundred bucks to go to the service center and solve their problems, not distract me. But the irritation is that they take it for granted. I’ve only been helping my mother and grandmother since recently.

When I met the girls and they found out I was a programmer, 90% of the time they started looking at me like I was a poor man. Communication wasn’t sticky. You can’t tell a girl I have an average monthly income of over $3,000.

I used to try to prove that I made good money. And then I thought, “Why would I prove anything to anyone?”

Things changed when I met a girl who was a programmer. They accidentally crossed paths at a conference. The surprise was that we were from the same city. How many things we had in common! Our first date turned into a real argument. We forgot about the coffee and buns: Everyone talked and talked.

Sometimes you don’t have to look for someone. Sometimes you don’t have to look for someone. Or fate taps your foreheads so hard, you just can’t do it without each other.


About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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