Don’t hurt your parents!

An old father and son were sitting on a bench by the porch.

The father, seeing a sparrow fly by, asked: “What is it?” The son answered without distracting himself from reading the newspaper: “Sparrow”. A few minutes later, his father asked again when he saw the bird: “What is it?” The son replied with a disgruntled tone: “Sparrow!” A minute later, the old man asked again: “What is it?” The son was nervous, angry, and started shouting at him: “Do you understand this or not! Spar-row! Spar-row!!” After that, his father went silently into the house and went out holding his personal diary. Sitting next to his son, he read the lines: “Today is January 20th. My son and I went out for a walk in the park, my son ran up to me every time and asked me, pointing at a sparrow: “What is it?”. A curious little boy asked me twenty times and every time I hugged and kissed him, I said, “Sparrow.”

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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