Elephant and a rope

Once in India, a traveler walked past elephants and suddenly stopped.

He was struck that these giant animals were only tied to a pole with a thin rope. No chains, no cells. It was obvious that at any moment elephants could easily cut the ropes, but for some reason, they didn’t.

Next to the elephants, he saw a man who was taking care of the elephants and asked him why they didn’t even try to free themselves.

The caretaker replied, “When elephants are very young, we tie them up with the same rope, they don’t have the strength to break it. As they grow older, elephants continue to think they can’t break the rope (based on their childhood experience). They’re sure they can’t break it (because they couldn’t do it when they were little), so they don’t even try, even though they’ve grown up and gotten stronger.

The man was very surprised. These animals could free themselves at any moment, go away and become free, but they remained in place.

And how many people live in full confidence that they will not succeed, based only on previous unsuccessful experiences?

Falling is part of learning and growth. You always have to move forward!

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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