Everyone has their own story

A 24-year-old guy looked out the train window and screamed: “Dad, look at the trees!”

The old dad smiled. There was a young couple sitting across the street. They looked sympathetically at the young man because he wasn’t his age, and he exclaimed again: “Daddy, look, the clouds are not far behind us! They’re sailing with us!”

Then the young couple couldn’t help but turn to the guy’s father: “Apparently you have to show your son to a good doctor. He’s acting very strange.”

The old man smiled and said, “We’ve already been to the doctor, just on our way from the hospital. From birth, my son was blind and had just had surgery. Now he can see.”

Every man on earth has a story. Do we have the right to judge or draw conclusions without knowing the details of someone else’s life?

Life is amazing!


About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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