Great mistresses in history

You can become famous in many ways in life: intelligence, beauty, incredible skills, or brilliant discoveries. But some of the fairer sexes have become internationally popular because of their ability to charm men.

By the way, not all of them had the perfect appearance or special skills that deserve attention. Nevertheless, they managed to win the hearts of many outstanding men, which made them world-famous.


This fatal beauty has many ruined lives on her account. The Queen of Egypt became famous for her qualities as an excellent mistress, which helped her to manipulate the strongest and most powerful men. Many of them were ready to part with their lives for the night spent in her arms. The features of the Queen can not be called perfectly beautiful, but, according to various historical sources, in the art of oral caress was no equal to her. Cleopatra’s name has been implicated in many scandals and wars, one of which she died with her lover Antony.


This is not a fairytale character at all, but quite a real woman who managed to stand out from the hundreds of concubines of Sultan Shahriyar not so much as a mistress, but as a skilled storyteller. Initially, Scheherazade was waiting for a sad fate – exile to the lower harem, where some did not satisfy the sultan’s sexual interest. But the woman’s salvation was her mind and ability to interestingly present stories and create intrigue. The instructive stories of her concubines made incredibly: they changed the bloodthirsty sultan and forced him to abandon the killing of virgins.


The beauty of this Greek hetaira saved her from execution. They say it was Phryne who became the prototype of Aphrodite. The girl was a model, but very shy and timid. With men, she was only passionate in total darkness. She was sentenced to death for the fact that her appearance embarrassed the minds of high-ranking husbands and hurt them. When they threw her clothes off Phryne in front of a large crowd, people were amazed at the perfection of the young beauty’s body. Then it was decided that the body of the goddess could not live in a prostitute, so the girl was immediately pardoned.

Jeanne Poisson

This woman became famous as the mistress of King Louis XV. History is silent on the origin of the Madame de Pompadour, but there is speculation that she was born into a simple family, but, thanks to the patronage of a nobleman, got into the palace, where a fateful meeting with the monarch took place. The Madame was famous for her endurance to carnal pleasures. In a day she can give passion up to 10 times. The secret of the tireless mistress were aphrodisiacs: chocolate and celery. Jeanne became not only the king’s favorite but also an indispensable friend to him. As a favorite, she managed to patronize representatives of creative professions, as well as to influence the solution of foreign policy issues. Today there is nothing honorable or significant in the status of a mistress, but our predecessors knew the power of female beauty, and most importantly – wisdom. Thanks to these qualities, ladies could not only conquer men’s hearts but also decide the destinies of entire states, which allowed them to go down in history for centuries.

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