Guys think they won’t “get” pretty girls, so they’re left alone

There are tacit rules in social networks during acquaintance. Not all guys are ready to take the first step, to write and call for dating at once, for fear of rejection.

That’s why a lot of guys throw a fishing rod first, or, to be more precise, a liking. They put “hearts” in pictures of beauties waiting for the next step. If a girl gives a “green light”, then the suitors write in personal messages, start communicating and only then, having gained courage, are invited on a date.

But some people don’t do anything even after feedback like that. They spit compliments, give attention, but only on the Internet, it does not come to a personal meeting. And so sit in the end beauties without guys, while gray mice get married and are on the husbands’ side. Why does that happen?

At first they saliva, even throw compliments, but they do not dare anymore. The answer is one: they’re scared. They are afraid that they will not be able to provide for beauties, so more and more often they are left alone or plow like horses, achieving everything on their own.

I am the beauty that is constantly put on the likes of men, as well as familiar guys who hesitate to move to the next level. They don’t even try to find out if I have a boyfriend or not, I end up alone for years. There are a mind and beauty, and the desire to create a family and invest in common cause blood earned, but do not hurry to get acquainted with me.

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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