Husband forces me to go to work

All the time I was studying, I was working in catering. I joined the budget, my specialty was advertising and PR.

I did not want to burden my parents, and personal money is always good, so I worked in a coffee shop for 4 years. After graduation, I decided to go to work in my specialty but faced with the fact that I can not find a job.

Young specialists without experience are not in great demand, so for 4 months to get a job in the right place I cannot. All this time I’m not working, and my husband is arguing. He says I have to go back to catering until I find a new job. Since I don’t bring money into the family.

Except he’s a professional, no one forced him to spend time and energy elsewhere. I don’t want to flush my diploma down the toilet, so why did I study? Parents support me, they say that not in vain I received an education, you need to try to get a job in the profession, but her husband drives to work. Every day because of this scandal.

Why isn’t he supporting me? Why should I go waitressing if I’ve finished my studies and can find a job in my profession, even if not immediately? As long as my husband’s doing what he likes, I have to plow in the dormitory, investing in the total budget. What should I do? Keep looking for a job, or go to catering with the risk of getting stuck there?

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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