I dated a 6,5-foot girl out of pity

When I was in high school, we got a new girl. She never went to our school before. The new girl was six and a half feet tall.

She’s been in school for six months now. And if we continued to communicate with our little companies, which we had formed since primary school, the new girl was alone. She had no friends.

On February 14, our school had its own “valentine’s mail”. Almost all the girls got Valentine’s mail. One of those who did not get a single Valentine’s mail was a new girl. She wasn’t ugly or stupid, just very tall. So sorry about her. After class, I went up to her and offered to take her home. They wouldn’t talk most of the time. We only talked at the end. Already at her doorstep, she asked me if I wanted to go out tonight. I had other plans, but I postponed them. Why not spend the evening with her?!

We walked in the park and wandered towards the deaf bowl. We found a bench by the river. We sat on it till night, telling funny stories. It was awesome. I was already back home with another man. My heart was ripping out of my chest. That night, I couldn’t sleep, thinking about her.

She wasn’t like she was used to seeing her at school. She was funny, with a good sense of humor. And how she smelled! The smell of cherry and coconut. The smell of her perfume was driving me crazy. We started spending so much time together, our grades crawled down. How did we even get to school normally? It is a mystery. After school, we chose one university so we wouldn’t break up.

It’s been over ten years since then. We are together and happy.

Love each other and pay less attention to height, weight, hair color, eye shape… Look for your soul mate, and if you find one, don’t let go.

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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