Jennifer Aniston talked about children and her dreams

Famous and talented Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston no longer hides that he dreams to live near the ocean and every day to hear the laughter of her children.

More recently, on February 11, 2020, the actress turned 51 years old, and she shared with her friend and colleague Sandra Bullock that she is most worried, the memory of her childhood, and of course, her children.

Remembering her childhood years, Jennifer Aniston was a little sad. But she told about the fact that her family had an unhealthy atmosphere, and as the actress believes that it was this environment that has made her stronger, more cheerful and positive.

“My family has always been unstable and difficult. I watched my parents’ relationship and didn’t feel safe. When I was a little girl, I realized I was going to have things differently. And that I wouldn’t let my children experience what I was experiencing. I have to thank my parents for their formed character,” said actress Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer was asked if she believes in women’s friendship and whether she had at the beginning of her creative career. The actress explained that friendship when she was just becoming an actress, could not be, because everyone was for themselves and about any support and thoughts were not.

“I flew to Los Angeles when I was 20 years old. At the time, I didn’t have any girlfriends with whom I could share both joyful and sad moments. Yes, and understandable, because an acting career – it’s a hard business, where you can often encounter anger and betrayal,” – said the famous actress Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer also explained that during his first auditions, the girls who were nearby not only did not want to support or help but on the contrary, tried to distract the actress is not able to adequately prepare.

Of course, any friendship is tested over time and Jennifer Aniston has found her favorite friends, and now they have been communicating for years, sharing joyful events and new achievements.

Jennifer Aniston also spoke about her experiences with people

“I don’t feel like watching TV or reading newspapers. There’s something terrible going on in the world with people. People have become angry and greedy and don’t feel grateful at all. I do not understand at all how people can hurt each other and not regret it. Also, I am concerned about the abuse of animals – this is a separate topic,” – listed the actress all that she is worried about.

And many fans are interested in Jennifer Aniston’s personal life and whether she thinks about children in the future?

“I have achieved a lot in my life, but one thing I have not made the most important – did not become a mother,” – shared the actress. She immediately added:

“Although most likely this is not a plan, I always have before my eyes a favorite picture – in front of me the ocean, and near my children are running and pouring laughter. This is a very happy picture that I dream about,” Jennifer Aniston shared her dream.

Jennifer Aniston was celebrating her birthday with family and friends. It was beautiful, but quiet and peaceful. The actress was congratulated by admirers, friends, and colleagues. Courtney Cox wrote amazing birthday greetings at Instagram, and former spouse Justin Theroux also congratulated her on her birthday.

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