Jessica Cox: the first pilot with no hands

Jessica Cox has a rare congenital defect and was born without hands.

None of the tests (that her mother took during pregnancy) showed that something was wrong with the girl. Despite her rare disease, the girl has tremendous willpower. Today, as a young woman, Jessica can write, drive, brush her hair and talk on the phone. She manages to do all this with her feet. She also graduated in psychology, danced and has a double black taekwondo belt. Besides all this, Jessica has a driver’s license, she drives a plane and can print 25 words per minute.

The plane that the girl drives is called “Ercoupe”. It’s one of the few models not equipped with pedals. Instead of the usual six months, Jessica took a three-year plane driving course, during which she was trained by three highly qualified instructors. Jessica now has more than 89 hours of flight experience and became the first pilot in world history without hands.

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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