Living alone… Is that good or bad?

My friend lives alone. She’s been divorced for a long time. Husband did a very mean thing to her: living with his wife he saved up for an apartment, and when he saved up he filed for divorce.

Now he’s bought an apartment and lives there with another woman. At the same time living with his wife was very demanding, loved the comfort and that would take care of him.

Now (I know from mutual acquaintances), himself cooks, launders. Roommate loves to wrap and smoke like a locomotive.

In general, everyone was in shock from how he could trade a smart, beautiful, decent woman for her.

The divorce was going on before my eyes. The girlfriend tried her best to get her husband back and even went to the fortune-tellers.

Said she couldn’t live alone. He never left without looking back. They lived 22 years together, by the way. The grown-up daughter was already married and lived separately.

As they say, time heals. She got sick, suffered and now, frankly, sometimes I envy her! My friend has blossomed. She lives alone and claims to be well.

Lost weight, took care of herself (hair, manicure, gym). She started going to the cinema and exhibitions. She went on tour. She went to Hawaii. Going abroad to fly.

No one controls her, does not weave nerves. She does what she wants and does not report it to anyone.

After talking to her, I’m jealous.)

But sometimes I get the idea – is it all right how she describes us? Maybe she just doesn’t want to be pitied.

Sometimes I imagine that I live alone, as she understands (although maybe it seems to me because I wasn’t alone), that it wouldn’t be very comfortable for me to be alone in the apartment.

And maybe all these fitness, massages, and spas are just a way to come home later?

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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