Money is first place in the husband’s life

For my husband, money comes first. And only from the outside can it seem like a good thing.

In fact, it looks like everything else is sidelined. Nothing matters… children’s parties, vacations together, feelings, family activities. Although it’s not even in second place, it’s in tenth.

The husband insists the most important thing is that he can provide for us. But at what cost? The children can’t see their dad. He comes back from work when the kids are asleep and you don’t talk much in the morning. The husband works on the weekend too. It turns out that the kids don’t see him. Neither do I, though.

Do you know what’s funny? I talk to his secretary more than I talk to him myself.

The last time we had a family vacation in the mountains, I saw my husband physically with us and in his mind somewhere… at his work. Every meal he spent on calls and remote meetings.

Sharing it with her mother, she almost twisted her finger at the temple. Said it was a golden husband who brought home money, and you couldn’t see him yourself. Of course, she has someone to compare it with, because my father, with whom my mother lived almost 10 years, all her nerves were sore, often engaged in handicrafts and drunk.

My friend told me to find a job or a hobby, too.

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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