My friend is a sick shopaholic

Men are waving now, saying that all you women are like that, you can not pass by a cute thing, but this story about unhealthy addiction.

I used to think it only happened in movies until I came across it in real life.

I have a friend Catherine. She’s 36, and have a husband, children, a job. She’s a normal woman, to put it plain and simple. Over time, I began to notice that Catherine often goes shopping. Not for groceries, not for the right things, for example, a rug in the bathroom worn out or boots are torn, but for everything. At first, I was even a little jealous that she was always wearing new clothes, and then she opened up to me.

I confessed that I couldn’t relax watching ads on TV and my smartphone, and the ever-glimmering sentences were enticing to her. She says that she could have spent 2 thousand in the evening on useless things, which her husband returned later. It began with small orders from Amazon, and then grew into a real mania. She almost got caught shoplifting one day, when her husband wouldn’t let her buy something.

Her husband tried to fight on his own, blocked the cards, cut off access to money. Then she went to a psychologist. They say she developed an acute addiction amidst the stress. This is how you live, envy, and a person can have serious problems!

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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