Quarantine with three children is like a hell

I’m 34 years old and I have three children. They are beautiful creatures, especially when they sleep.

Two daughters, three and five years old and a one-year-old son. My husband is 37 years old, a great helper, but during quarantine, I get tired even of him. He constantly asks how and what is better to do than feeding the children, and what to play with them. And my brain is already boiling!

I already have more worries in the house, because now I have to simultaneously feed everyone, maintain order, all processed and disinfected in the apartment. Previously, you could at least send everyone to the street or the grandmother of the daughters for two hours during the cleaning, but during self-isolation will not do it. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I only have 5 minutes to go to the bathroom.

I feel like I’m slowly going crazy. I try to occupy my children with useful little things, they have a lot of educational toys, plus a TV, but they always need a mother, their age is this. These days, I dream of being on a desert island or having children become teenagers locked up in their rooms.

It’s hard when you have 24/7 loved ones next to you, but the same faces always need attention. Hopefully, when the isolation is over, I’ll find time for myself too, because I’m under wild stress I don’t even know how to take it off. Are there any ways to distract me from everything by being in an apartment with four people?

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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