Revelations of people with cancer who have been taught to value life

Time is a limited resource, although we usually do not think about it. However, people who have been diagnosed with cancer have a completely different view of time and their mortality.

People living with cancer shared their experiences with Laura Vanderkam, author of books on time management and productivity.

“I’m quicker to start serious conversations.”

Matt Hall found out he had leukemia in 2006 when he was 32. Fortunately, his form of cancer was treatable. He could lead a relatively normal life with his medication, but it didn’t come to him immediately.

“I remember driving home from the doctor’s,” says Matt. – My wife was driving and I was looking out the window at other cars and people. Life on the street went on, and mine seemed to be frozen.

After a while, when he realized he had to live with a chronic illness, Matt decided he needed a new perspective on life.

“Now I’ve become more determined and persistent, sometimes even embarrassing to those around me. When I want to do something, I usually do it,” Matt said. – It’s also faster for me to have serious conversations with people. Matt was able to start a joint business (Hill Investment Group) and also wrote a book.

This intense rhythm of life has its shortcomings. “Sometimes it’s very exhausting,” Matt confesses. – You don’t give yourself time to just relax or rush into something. I think I still have to work on that.”

“I don’t blame myself.”

Journalist Erin Zammet found out about her illness when she was 23 and has been living with her for 15 years. Her attitude to time has changed, too, but not like Matt.

“I used to always try to squeeze everything out of every day, every hour,” says Erin. – I was always doing something, doing something, and worrying about the future.

A lot has changed since I found out about my diagnosis. I realized it didn’t matter. I can lead a relatively normal life, I feel good, which is the most important thing, so you can relax.

I stopped waking up thinking that today I have to conquer the whole world. Yes, I still have goals, but I’m not crazy about it. If I just want to watch the show tonight, I do it and I don’t blame myself.

Erin wrote a book about her experience with cancer.

Everyone has their lessons, but we can also see a general idea: living with cancer, people understand that there is no point in wasting time and energy on something that does not seem important and does not give us joy. And you shouldn’t worry about the future like that.

The source: Cancer Survivors Share Hard-Won Lessons On Managing Time Well 

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