The guy tells his friends everything about me

I’ve been living with a guy for a year now. I know he’s an open man who can’t keep anything inside.

If something doesn’t like him, he’ll say it right away, and if he’s very happy, everyone around him will be happy, recharging themselves with positive things.

He shares the news from his life with relatives and friends. Nice guy, you say, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. I’ve noticed during the meals with his friends that they know about all our quarrels. “So, did you make up after yesterday?” – they might have asked. And it was considered a perfectly normal question, although I haven’t told anyone about the conflict, which has long been over.

This isn’t about my boyfriend. One day I decided to get on his phone because of all the questions..: “Why do you keep telling your friends about us?”, he’d say, “I say nothing!” In the end, I found a whole correspondence on the phone with several people, where he described even trifling quarrels, complained, shared the details of our intimate life, and in return received advice and support.

I don’t want everyone around us to know what’s going on in our personal lives. Because of this, I am already afraid to say something about myself, because this information can become public domain!

How can I live with someone like him?

About the Author: Thomas Mitchell

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